Wednesday, November 2, 2011

4 months

It has been 4 months and I have to say we have done a lot in the 4 months that our sweet IzzyJane has been gone. A friend from high school (Brittany Manookin) contacted me to see if I would like to share my story sense the month of October is not only breast cancer awareness month but also pregnancy and infant loss awareness.
I was very hesitant. For many reasons, the moments that we had with IzzyJane were precious, did we want to share that to the world? Then I was afraid of what kind of response we would get, and then i was worried about how the interview would go. What if I said the wrong things, or forgot to say what I wanted and needed to be said! Well after talking to Danny about the opportunity we decided to go ahead and do it for many reasons that counteracted the things that I was nervous about! IzzyJane is precious, so are all of the other babies that have died. I want to share her, I want people to say to me what they would say to any living baby. I want to see and help other families that have lost their babies. I want to let people know that they are not alone. So we thought this would be a perfect way to let people know about our foundation.
The FlutterBy IzzyJane Foundation. Our goal in starting this foundation is to sustain and assist those families met with the unexpected financial funeral expenses, to preserve the memory that the impact of life -no matter how small in quantity - is Forever etched in our minds and hearts and to present new mothers and infants with personalized, handmade (Forever) bracelets.

So when the time came to watch our segment I was so nervous. We didn't tell many people about it, manly because I was still nervous about the idea. but here it is...
see what you think..."Parents of Stillborn Share Message of Hope"

Happy Halloween to all the angel babies that were supposed to be here! 
We wish you were able to wear a cute costume to show you off!