Thursday, October 13, 2011

October Awareness

"Almost every one knows that October is breast cancer awareness month, but most people don't know that it's also Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. It's time that people start talking about this too. People will wear bracelets and shirts that boldly say, "BOOBIES" on it, but people don't want to hear about or talk about someone's dead baby. Guess what, I guarantee you, that baby's Mommy wants to talk about them.

We want people to want to try to understand and to remember.

Be apart of spreading awareness:
I am the face get your badge (there are supporter badges too!), and information on how to spread awareness.
Check out Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope website, started by a mom who's beautiful girl, Stevie, was born still. It's an excellent source of support for mothers who are on this journey. There is also a section for families and friends- it has tips on what to do, and what to say- an amazing website.
Carly Marie's Project Heal, a website run by a mom who's son, Christian, was also born still. There are many tips for family and friends. A beautiful website with tons of great information.
Share: a website dedicated to those you have lost a pregnancy or infant. More tips or family and friends."


  1. I found your story via KSL and wanted to send both my condolences and gratitude to you both. We lost our sweet little Michael two years ago this November. He too was born still into our family. We have learned so much through the pain and the loss but mostly just feel so blessed to have had him in our lives for that short little while. Thank you for sharing your story and raising awareness. If there is anything I can do to help I would truly love to. I have shared Michael's story on my blog and you can find it here: Sending hugs and comfort your way!


  2. My husband saw your article on KSL and directed me your way. I truly admire what you are doing for others who have lost a baby. After we lost our first little girl just over 2 years ago we constantly discuss creating a foundation or charity to help those who experience similar things. Your story of your little baby is just beautiful! I am glad to have read your story today.

  3. I too saw your story via KSL. We are dealing with knowing ahead of time that our baby will be lost before, at or just after birth. I'm not sure which would be worse. A group that may have been who did your photos, Angel Watch, helps families deal with known and sudden loss. I wish they had a website. Any help for those facing these things is a good thing because the grief is/can be overwhelming.

    I haven't done much more than keep some people posted on Facebook and write things out in my journal. But knowing others out there have similar experiences helps out a lot. I have a cousin whose baby had the exact same condition ours does and went through what we are going through - knowing they would lose the baby. I also have a friend whose baby was lost between one appointment and the next because of a knotted cord. Those two have been the biggest help to me so far.

    Good luck to you.

  4. I saw your article on KSL. I think it's great that you're working on a way to not only honor the life of your baby, but also to help other families! We have done something similar, and would love to collaborate if you're interested -

  5. I also had a son born still. He would be five this December. There is not a hour...that goes by that I don't think of him. I now belong to a group of parents that I never would have thought I would ever belong to. It's a group that completely understands the pain, sadness, and heartbreak that follows the loss of a baby. Burying a child is the most unnatural thing a parent will ever do. But, we continue on each day, knowing we have angels among us, looking forward to the day we will see them again. Our greatest support was other parents who have lost a child. Over the days following our son's death, the mothers came. They were weeping on my doorstep when I opened the door because they knew my pain. They came unannounced with books, pictures, scrapbooks, and music. We are the greatest support to each other. Hang in there ladies. There are many of us out there. My thoughts and prayers are with us all!
    Love, Stacey

  6. I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think this all is. You have so much strength. About a year ago we lost our sweet daughter Cierra, she was stillbirth. I was 40 weeks. We miss her dearly & our hearts ache for her everyday. I can tell you that its true that time does heal things, we found this very true after our daughters first birthday. And letting balloons off for her birthday was so wonderful. Also there were several books that helped me so much. Ill name a few here: "I will carry you". By Angie Smith, I know that book would really help you Cordinda and next: "For they shall be comforted" by Camille Call Whiting. These two books made loosing my daughter a little easier. I would recommend that every mother of an angel reads them.
    Good luck with the fundraiser!!!